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Fixed Lites, Rakes & Arches

Fixed lites, Rakes & Arches

Fixed windows are stationary windows often used to compliment other window and door suites. Suncoast Windows fixed windows allow you to incorporate maximum natural light, without compromising your design or view.

Windows of unusual shapes and sizes are nothing out of the ordinary for Suncoast Windows. Curved, raked, arched, faceted, stepped and decorative window shapes along with curved glass and glass blocks are all available to suit any architectural style.

All windows and doors are made to architectural specifications allowing your individual tastes to show through.

• Architectural features provide design flexibility and versatility to suit most applications and personal tastes
• Fixed windows maximise views
• Designed to match aesthetics of all Suncoast Windows products
• Full joint sealing maximises weather proofing performance
• 52 mm wide standard frame
• Up to 125mm wide frame
• Unique design opportunities to suit architectural styles
• Australian design award winner

• Variety of colours (including timber alternative)
• Glass options
• Colonial, Federation or custom bars
• Energy efficient/high performance system options
• Double Glazing