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Casement/Awning windows

Casement and Awning windows

Casement and awning windows are ideal for use with fixed windows and provide a stylish option to suit the traditional or contemporary home. Awning windows are hinged from the top opening outward, letting air circulate freely. Tending to operate in reverse, the awning lets out more air than it lets in, which makes it perfect for kitchen and bathroom applications.

Suncoast Windows Casement windows can swing open up to 90° (like a door) to provide superior ventilation, while the large glass areas provide unobstructed views and bathe your rooms in natural light.

• Casement and Awning windows can be proportioned to almost any dimension, allowing them to stand alone, stack vertically or be combined horizontally
• Modern slimline design
• Optional lockable gear winder prevents window closing in high winds and offers added security
• Traditional solid sash giving heritage appearance
• Full joint sealing maximises weather proofing performance
• Limited opening capability for multi storey applications
• High rating for energy performance due to superior sealing action
• 52 mm wide standard frame
• Up to 125mm wide frame
• Australian design award winner
• Insect and security screens removable from inside only for ease of cleaning and emergency exit

• Colonial, Federation or custom bars
• Variety of colours (including timber alternative)
• Glass options – Suitable for thicker glass panes up to 25mm
• Insulated glass units (double glazing) for thermal and acoustic applications
• Integrated screening does not interfere with winder
• Energy efficient / High performance system options
• Key locks
• Insect or security screens
• Double Glazing