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Bi-Fold windows

Bi-fold windows

The bi-fold window creates a moving glass wall that opens the interior of the home to the outside, providing unobstructed views, natural light and ventilation. It can also be used internally as a kitchen servery, wardrobe or room divider. Suncoast Windows offers you a choice of left or right opening directions allows the selection of a layout to suit your home.

The outboard track system allows easy cleaning and the low force sliding system provides maximum performance.

There is a patented torsional blocking which ensures the bi-fold system retains its shape.

• Stack to one side or multiple, to both sides
• ‘Top hung’ or ‘bottom rolling’, dual purpose aluminium extrusion
• Positive locking action providing maximum security and safety
• Hinge fixings with no visible screws to ensure a clean, flush appearance
• Full joint sealing maximizes weather proofing performance
• Low force sliding system for easy operation
• Outboard track system for easy cleaning of sand and dirt
• High rating for energy performance due to superior sealing action
• Continuous unbroken seals for improved performance
• Australian design award winner

• Variety of colours (including timber alternative)
• Bi-directional handling
• Colonial, Federation or custom bars
• Glass options
• Key locks
• Energy efficient/high performance system options
• Double Glazing