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Entry Doors

Entry Doors

With flexibility in design and opening arrangements, the Suncoast Windows entry door frame offers you control over the final presentation of your entrance way. You can also choose from a variety of styles of hinged aluminium doors to suit the entry door frame.

Using side lights, high lights and an aluminium glass door with an entry door frame, your entrance way will become a feature of your home.

• Accommodates 35mm to 41mm timber doors with plumb and level jambs with sills, every time
• Features snap-on door stops – Ideal for concealing fixings
• In-swing or out-swing door frames available
• 125mm wide frame for high strength with no bowing or warping often seen in conventional timber surrounds
• Continuous unbroken seals for improved performance
• Heavy duty corrosion resistant hinges and full range of hardware options for aluminium door providing low maintenance and high durability
• Safety and insect screens can be easily attached to the outside
• Semi-concealed drainage system
• High rating for energy performance due to superior sealing action
• Australian design award winner

• Variety of colours (including timber alternative)
• Glass options
• Colonial, Federation or custom bars
• Key locks
• Insect or security screens
• Energy efficient/high performance system options